DST Paki Point Cup – Bocas del Toro – Isla Colón

The Vibes

Bocas del Toro is a excellent Surf environment, the Beach Microfiber Towels available on site, nice waves, great food and beautiful people. In few words this was an awesome trip for everyone!


The Beach Palm Co. had the pleasure to endorse this event of the Discovering Surfing Talents (DST) Circuit by giving Beach Microfiber Towels to the competitors during the event, we gave some more as prices for the top three on each category. Every surfer was thrilled and motivated to win or scale into the top 3 just to have a brand new Beach Microfiber Towels.

Our whole team felt very proud to discover that we gave the athletes an extra motivation to finish in the top places by anouncing that the Beach Microfiber Towels were part of the top position prizes. One of the best results for us was the fact that we got excellent feedback from the athletes after using our Beach Microfiber Towels during the competition, one of them told us that was a great accesory and loved that now can take three towels or more each time he goes out on a surf trip as the towels are compact and perfect for travel.

General public had the pleasure to see a beautiful-high level competition, these kids are incredibly gifted, can perform under extreme preasure also they were awared that an outstanding performance on this circuit can get them far in this amazing discipline so even with a rainy weather and bigger waves than expected most of them showed an almost pro-level performance.


Special thanks to all the people, companies and institution that could make possible this great competition. We feel very proud that we had the opportunity to be envolved supporting Sports at this level and also for letting us show the Best Beach Microfiber Towels in the World to more people.

Also we want to give a very special thanks to Mr. Misael Mendieta for producing an excellent competition anf for letting us be part of the DST family.

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DST – Paki Point Cup Standings:

Boys Under 10Boys Under 12Boys Under 14Boys Under 16Boys Under 18
1. Victor Camarena1. Makay Bray1. Isauro Elizondo1. Tao Rodriguez1. Joshua Caraballo
2. Jack Vallarino2. Elliot Perrochon2. Tao Rodriguez2. Isauro Elizondo2. Agustin Cedeno
3. Andres Castillero3. Madox Bray3. Romain Aubert3. Josue Chen3. Tao Rodriguez
4. Noah Ruiz4. Benjamin Lacoste4. Kai Gale Grani4. Elliott Perrochon4. Isauro Elizondo
Under 8 (Mixed)Girls Under 12Girls Under 17
1. Victor Camarena1. Lucia Rodriguez1. Andrea Vlieg
2. Noah Ruiz2. Mae Hernandez2. Javi Mora
3. Luc Gale Grani3. Reese Williams3. Reese Williams
4. Lucia Rodriguez


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